Envision 2017, Costa Rica

I got to travel to Costa Rica to do some face and body painting at Envision Festival! Here are my favorite pictures.

Also, just a funny note: the kitty “painties” were done just in case her shirt slipped, since nudity is not allowed at Envision. Can you imagine seeing someone’s shirt slip and they have kitty faces painted on their nipples? Love it.

Tal Peleg Art of Makeup


Obsessed with the makeup art of Tal Peleg! Her stuff has gone viral but I stumbled across her actual instagram and the amazingness never ends. It’s not only her incredible skill, but also her creativity in the wide range of paintings she does, and also how incredibly charming her painting style is. I’ve seen lots of people try to imitate and it always looks blurry and lacks her charm. I’ll definitely have to do some work inspired by her!

Check out her Instagram and her Facebook!