Find us! Here is a list of upcoming events!

Gem and Jam festival 2018!


Past Events

Deja Vu 2017, Santa Barbara CA,One Love 2017, Perris CA

Santa Barbara Summer Solstice 2010-2016: We have be en the main provider of henna and face painting since 2010, under the banner of Santa Barbara Face Painting and Henna.

Sacred Village Campout 2016: Zami Marx is one of the creators of this event! We do face and body painting, arts and crafts, and also decorate the festival!

Lucidity 2015 & 2016: Byzami is based in Santa Barbara, so you can bet we are at the biggest local festival of the year!

Symbiosis 2015 & 2016 at Woodward Reservoir, CA: our favorite festival!

Santa Barbara Pacific Pride Festival 2015 & 2016: LGBTQ Pride!

Cascadia Northwest 2016 in Granite Falls, WA

Serenity 2016 in Joshua Tree, CA